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In 2014 I arrived in Colombia at the age of 31 basically knowing zero Spanish, I could barely even introduce myself.

My funds were limited so I began studying on my own, picking up key words and phrases with the goal of being able to complete routine daily tasks as easily as possible (though it usually wasn’t nearly as easy as I would have liked).

It was an extremely inefficient process because I didn’t have professional guidance, and I didn´t know which direction to head in, what to focus on, or how to connect the dots.

Eventually after a few years of being on the ground I started to pick up the basics, and was able to have small conversations, and thought I was doing fantastic.

But there was still a HUGE MISSING PIECE.

I didn’t realize that I was making it extremely difficult for my listeners (Native Spanish Speakers) to understand me.

Not only was I producing the sounds using the characteristics of American English. I was completely ignoring the rhythm patterns, which meant people often couldn´t understand the key words I was saying, and even worse sometimes the way that I said it meant something completely different.

But I never connected the dots, and wasn’t able to hear the difference between myself and a native speaker.

Thankfully after a long time of struggling to be understood, a close friend of mine who is also from the US told me frankly that my pronunciation was very bad, and that it was uncomfortable and difficult for native speakers to listen to me speak.

My Passion

From that moment I started concentrating on the characteristics of the sounds and closely mimicking native speakers.
After spending some time tuning my ear to the sound of Spanish as well as some guidance from a professional tutor, I now rarely run into a situation where a native speaker doesn´t clearly understand me. Even in the rare case that it happens I can immediately identify what adjustment I need to make for it to hit their ears in a natural way.
 So I’m living proof that even at a later age you can tune your ear to adjust the way you hear different sounds, and change the way you produce them.
Having professional guidance will ensure you reach your goal in an efficient manner.

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