American Accent – Mouth Movement


One of the HIDDEN TOPICS in American Pronunciation

4 videos (17 minutes)


-Rare Topic!!!

-One of the HIDDEN TOPICS in American Pronunciation is how to create the MOUTH MOVEMENT in a way that will give you the characteristics of the American Sound.

-I´m NOT just talking about using your tongue for the th sound or what mouth positions each vowel sound needs.

-Yes those are important

-But in order to get those sounds to be clear and natural you first need to UNDERSTAND the THEORY and MECHANICS that create the characteristics that are the American Sound.

-Where does mouth movement start from?
-What is the role of the articulators?
-How can I identify if I’m doing it correctly?

-Soft Consonants

-How to hear a consonant sound like an American

-How to train your body to produce a soft consonant like an American

-Most pronunciation courses and traditional English classes DON’T TEACH you this, but it’s one of the most important factors in sounding like a native speaker.

4 videos (17 minutes)


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